What a pleasure to see women out and about talking about health, laughing about age, and celebrating their femininity. Last night I attended my first 1,6 Miljonerklubben event in Malmö. (1,6 Million refers to the number of women 45+ in Sweden.) I figured it was time for me to get connected locally after having focused so heavily on the global aspect of my work. “Walk the talk,” as they say.

The event followed my meeting with the founder, Alexandra Charles, a delightful woman with an interesting history in Sweden as a woman of cultural influence, particularly on the balance side of things. It is always a pleasure to connect with women who share my passion for connecting women to knowledge and balance.

I was encouraged by the events focus on issues often not discussed, rise in lung cancer in women, holistic health beginning with the mouth, and defining for ourselves who we wish to be. To top it all off, there was a fabulous performance by Mikael Wiehe. Being a naturalised Swede, I was not familiar with him. But I was delighted with his music, his natural story telling and his general presence. Thank you Alexandra and congratulations to 1,6 Miljonerklubben on celebrating your first 10 years!

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