Once again I must thank Avivah Wittenburg-Cox for her eloquent way of expressing the communication gap and the impact on women in business. We repeatedly see the signs of ambition and strength in women as leaders. But still there is a great disparity between those who attain the titled leadership role. I would go so far as to make bold conjecture the perhaps many women who lead are not title bearers.

In recent months, I have seen an increasing number of examples of what I would refer to as a shadow leader. The most traditional of these models might be the trailing spouse. She has an immense amount of wisdom, support, talent and ability that she does not outwardly display but us expressed through her partner. I have heard repeatedly that it is not worth giving up their authentic self for the simple action of holding a title. That is not to say that some of us don’t enjoy the challenge. I say, whatever finds you the greatest satisfaction you should strive for. I am simply saying that lead in a way that allows you to be your personal best. Whether a shadow leader or a leader on the stage, we should support and appreciate the act of authentic leadership.

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