The sun is now coming out again in Sweden with a vengeance. The days are longer and we are all finding ways to maximise the exposure to the sun to replenish that missing Vitamin D from the long Swedish Winter. What better way to do this than golf. As I dig through my storage space, past the piles of ski gear, sleds and roller blades, I see my golf bag waiting for me. No tee time booked yet, but my mind is set on improving my golf game now that I am in the land of golf. As an entrepreneur, I find I often have to justify my efforts that lean toward the decadent (not in the office or with my family). But wait, I can still work while I do this wonderful sport.

Something is driving me to think about golf at work, after all this is about “Balance”. And then, lo and behold, I receive not one, but three links from friends about women professionals golfing and networking. So, something is indeed driving me to the range (pardon the pun). I will share them with you and encourage you to do the same. Get out on the range, enjoy the walk, the company and the opportunity to expand your horizons (and even your business).

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