Ahh in celebration of the bike. The sun is finally out when I commute to work and still out when I return home with the beacon of the Turning Torso guiding my course. I renew my appreciation for the ability to commute by bike allowing my mind the luxury of free creative thought while I transition from office to home.
The days are longer but I appreciate the opportunity to work hard and then collapse in restive sleep at the end of the day. Much of my year is spent as a road warrior speaking about social media and face to face networking best practice and far too much of the rest with a keyboard attached to my carpal tunnel suffering wrists. That “velo” part of my day is a release. Not to mention, if feels pretty good to have an environmentally friendly commute. It is no wonder that all those faces in cars that I pass look stressed. I bet they wish they could “velo” too.

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bike commute
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