Robert Saltonstall has left an indelible mark on the lives of many around the world. I was blessed to have called him my grandfather, my mentor and my friend. It was through his encouragement and support that I find myself where I am today. His early work in the field of human relations both at Harvard and IMD fascinated me, and influenced many. We passed delightful hours discussing cross cultural relations from the business and personal perspective. He was a passionate humanitarian with an eye for the good and beauty in everything. His constant encouragement to seek new perspectives and strive for my utmost potential never faltered. His love of new experiences and the twinkle in his eye as he recalled each new land he explored was infectious. I am comforted that he can now join Grancy in rest. After 98 years, it is time for them to embark on a new journey. I will always feel that they are my guardian angels who lead me to great things.

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Great men, Robert Saltonstall
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