A few days later and a little less jetlagged, I shall complete my reflections on the TIAW conference. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to share with and learn from face to face interaction with so many interesting women leaders. The energy and camaraderie was contagious. I look forward to being able to help grow the awareness of events and organisations like these through 2BalanceU. They can be powerful catalysts to change in the right direction. Working towards partnership and leadership with heart and soul.

The importance of networks both big and small and using them for support and learning is what stood out for me on day two. Have a plan, both a financial plan and a life plan but be flexible to accommodate life’s surprises. Nurture ambition, if you so desire, go for it, and surround yourself with others who support your ambitions. Learn from those who have more experience, and mentor those who can learn from you. Don’t be afraid to lead like a woman, with compassion and tenacity.

Some links of interest:
Global Entrepreneurship Monitor on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment
Boardroom Bound, an organization advocating better governance and diversity on boards

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