Data from Survey Coming in from Around the World

Data is coming in from around the world and the survey is being shared.  The first results are posted on the Research pages. Please continue to share. The more responses, the more usable the data will be for everyone.  Thank you again to everyone for contributing your input.

A special shout out to Stine Arensbach and Fat Studio for your help with the awesome introduction video!  You guys ROCK!!

For those of you who want to watch it again, here it is!

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SxSW 2012 “trends”

Another year another South-by-Southwest, a dense gathering of techies, creatives, educators and businesses in the delightful city of Austin, Texas is almost over. After nearly a week of intense panels, networking, trend spotting, eating, learning, blogging and creating I am left with a sense of inspiration from the people, excitement at the opportunities and, well yes, relief that it is over.

I took part in PepsiCo’s Livescribe team, pulled together by Maya, documenting the conference with our Livescribe smartpens. It was a great opportunity to test this wonderful tool, which is definitely an incredible innovation on the hardware side of things, recording pen strokes as vector drawing, while simultaneously capturing the audio. I look forward to testing this further on my return.

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