We are writing our own stories everyday, whether we take pen to paper, fingers to keyboard or tell it to a friend/ colleague. These are the stories that are woven into those of others. From individual letters to condensed newsletters, we evolved to the email and online newsletters. Creating websites and blogs and connecting through online communities spreads our stories to further corners of the globe. But, have the stories gotten lost? Do we remember to share how they impact our lives or others, rather than just the latest sales pitch or annual reports, what we ate for breakfast or what we are reading.

In pulling together the cases for my book, I am more determined than ever to tell the story from the impact perspective. How does social media effect our lives and our businesses. I am one individual with many roles which affect how I am impacted by any story. I, the shareholder, the executive, the speaker, the teacher, the developer, the social entrepreneur, the writer, the mother, the wife, the sister want to write a book that I would enjoy reading, that will resonate. I interview the people behind the case studies and hear the experiences and misadventures with social media and social networks. These speak to me with far greater resonance than the case studies. After all, “social” is about people. So, I am changing my strategy in collecting content. I will interview and collect stories of impact. These stories need to be shared. They are real. They impact our lives, our communities, our businesses and our futures.

Has social media or your involvement in social networking had an impact on you, your business and/or your community. Please tell me your story. Let me interview you to share it with others.

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  1. Nice Post……….
    Keep Blogging………….

  2. I love it Joanne, Let's talk. I would love to share your story. Keep up the great work! Cheers, Heidi

  3. What a great idea. I have a unique story being an anomaly in social media. 59 year old grandmother, soon to be 60. Started using internet talkcasts and then blogging and then social network. Only recently using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook but have won 2009 SBA NationalSmall Business Journalist of the Year Award for interviewing over 400 Small Business Owners and hi-lighting small business.

    What started out to be a way to promote my marketing company and my clients and the Positive Side of Pittsburgh has turned into a business including an online multi media Community Magazine and a trademarked training, Web 2.0 Gorilla Branding.

  4. Interesting blog, Sarvesh. Thanks for sharing.

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