In most modern societies we are lead to believe that taking time for ourselves is self-indulgent. Recent studies are showing the contrary. Taking time to nurture ourselves is not only necessary but rather not taking the time to do so, is counter productive. Women are often the last person to leave the office, pack their own bags, feed themselves a nutritious meal, go to the doctor, or get sleep. We are running ourselves down and diminishing our ability to be effective in all areas of our lives. Not only that, when we do take the time to do these things, we feel guilty. This is SO wrong. We need to break this cycle.

Not only studies, but also logic proves that when tired and stressed we are ineffective and often not satisfied with our accomplishments. Taking the time to recharge through a fitness routine, a nap, a moment to read for pleasure, or pamper our physical self with a massage to remove the knots of stress is essential. These are not indulgences unless we treat them that way. We feel better after we take the time to do them and are revitalized enough to be effective in the other areas of our lives. It is amazing what one can accomplish with a good night’s rest.

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