Visual Practice compared to Traditional Meetings Research results

Visual Practice compared to Traditional Meetings Research results

The Value of Visual Practice survey has been live for a month and the overwhelming response is very positive. Respondents (72 as of this post) are all over the world, with a wide range of organizational roles and levels, ages and exposure to the visual practice.  The one thing that remains consistent is more the 80% of respondents find using Graphic Facilitators in meetings more effective or excellent in comparison to traditional meetings.

In conjunction with the survey, I am conducting interviews from leading practitioners and gathering testimonials from clients to get an understanding of where the field is going, and how to help that journey.  In invite you to share your input and comments on your experience as well.

As practitioners, please take and share the survey with your clients. The more data the stronger the argument and the more lessons for us to learn to improve the field.  Feel free to use the results to support your conversations on the value proposition for graphic facilitation.

For those of you considering whether it is worth the investment to use graphic facilitators, let the data speak for what your instinct knows already.  A picture says a thousand words, and one created together carries a thousand hearts. Yes, I know that it is the “soft” stuff, but I mean it.

Research shows that more ways the brain is stimulated using all senses, the greater the memory retention, understanding and engagement in a concept or process. Add the dimension of global teams not sharing a native language or culture.  Graphic facilitation encourages the visual, kinesthetic, auditory, verbal, emotional and rational interaction.  Not to mention the documentation acts as a dynamic form of memory trigger than is fun to interact with. After all, when was the last time you read the entire meeting minutes without needing a caffeine injection.

The results are posted on the Research pages and will continue to be updated weekly. Please continue to share. Thank you again to everyone for contributing your input. Keep it up!

A special shout out this week to Mike Rhode for your taking the time for interviews and Martin Eppler for a great collaboration on our live study.

For those of you who want to watch the animated intro again, here it is!

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