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This study is part of extended doctoral research on Leadership in the New Social Paradigm, examining the impact of social technologies on leadership.  Keep an eye on this space for additional research on social technologies, compolitanization of the global workforce,  identification and development of high potential leaders, social enterprises, social optimisation, social networking and more.

The visual practice being measured in this survey is traditional meetings versus those lead by a graphic facilitator.  The survey with a illustrated video explaining  the survey should take 5 minutes to view and complete. The intent of the survey is to gather global quantitative data on the visual practice, where and how it is being used and its effectiveness.

This page will be both an entry point for the survey and download point to share the results. If you are a practitioner, please share it with your clients and others in the visual practice.  If you have experienced the visual practice and want more of it, please complete the survey and share it with others who have experienced the live visual practice.  Click here to read the report that came from the process and results

If you are interested in providing testimonials in addition to the survey, please contact me at

Results from the survey:

Meetings using visual practitioners at least 80% more effective –

Visual Practice compared to Traditional Meetings Research results

Visual Practice compared to Traditional Meetings Research results wk6

Value of VIsual Practitioners Methods

Value of Visual Practitioners Methods

Overview of Participants taking Value of Visual Practice Global Survey week 45

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