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In the midst of my state of buried in books, research, work and (well) life, I was asked by a colleague where the link to my research on the value of visual practice could be accessed.  The data was posted, but my process and finding were written up and I have posted the pdf here to share.  It is a bit narrative on my process as that was the purpose of the submission, but there are some interesting resources and data.

In the 6 months between when this was submitted and now, there have been several great books and articles that further strengthen the argument for the visual practice. Additional research, mentioned in this paper, but submitted to a conference awaiting publishing mentions other forms, software-based in particular, as a complementary method.

My research with the visual practice, focusing on how it supports leadership and global teams using social technologies, continues as piece of my dissertation. Stay tuned for more in this space for that. I will post bits and pieces that seem worth sharing during the journey.

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  1. […] a piece of her dissertation, Heidi’s research on the visual practice, although still in the early stages, focuses on how it supports leadership and global teams using […]

  2. hallo Heidi,

    gratulations for your innovative work!

    May be you are interested in an article I wrote with Marianne may wife and partner at VISUELLE PROTOKOLLE some years ago, in “The IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation”,Jossey-Bass, ISBN 0-7879-7160-X. The chapter is called “Quality without a Name”, some 38 pages about Visual Facilitation.

    Good luck for all your next steps!


  3. Please note, this document is about the Process for the Research. Prior to collecting data, it was clear that there was a the need for quantitative measurement. To be sure the statement is not taken out of context I would like to make a clarification. Sunni Brown’s TED talk is supported by her years of experience and extensive knowledge in the topic of visual thinking. I’m afraid I was unclear when I wrote “some questioning her sources, but most applauded her content and energy.” It was meant as a critique of the part of the population that still only considers ROI and numbers as validation, and a complement to her ability to drive passion for her cause. This statement was meant as a support to the argument for the need to do quantitive research in this area in general, not as a criticism of her knowledge. I applaud her passion and knowledge on the topic and found the TED talk inspiring.

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