Education Panel Minecon 2012

Education Panel Minecon 2012

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MINECON2012, a set on Flickr.

We are now back from a great weekend in Paris at MINECON, the annual Minecraft event.  I had the pleasure of sharing a panel on Minecraft in Education. The panel was moderated by Joel Levin, whose passion for the two lead him to developing the mod for Minecraft EDU. Marnix “Cubehamster” Licht brought the perspective of using Minecraft to teach physics and math. Stephen Reid has been introducing Minecraft into schools all over Scotland in a wide variety of learning areas. Leo Adberg told us about his experience becoming a student teacher of Minecraft at his school in LA. I spoke on the value of global collaboration and team building, as well as shared some of what I had witnesses in my son’s learning development through playing Minecraft.

The whole experience was inspiring. In the green room we continued the discussion about how to bring Minecraft into corporate training for dispersed teams. I look forward to collaborating with Stephen on this.  Taking the LEGO exercise to the next level will be fun and, I believe, quite powerful.

What started as my son’s latest game interest, has become a family event. We attended panels, in which the kids engaged the speakers by providing suggestions and asking questions. Being a panelist, we had the pleasure of meeting the Mojang team. They were all great and seemed pleased with the turnout.

Job well done MOJANG!

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