Brilliantly presented the Q-Day conference exceeded my expectations. To keep on topic with this blog on social optimization, I will not go into great detail on the speakers of wither Q-Day or the second day of Innovation in Mind. Instead I will share a few lasting impressions.

Live interaction that is shared via SMS/MMS and then posted on side screens was innovative and engaging. Thank you to:

  • Susan Blackmore for pointing out the gorilla in the room, but also reminding us that if we do not need to see him it may not matter. Externalities can simply be distractions when we need to focus to complete a task.
  • Germund Hesslow for reminding us that mistakes can be creative and that “he who never makes a mistake has never made a discovery.” Innovation comes from , according to Goethe, 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.
  • Anders Persson for amazing us with the depths to which we can see the invisible , solving problems we didn’t realize were there in a non-invasive method.
  • Kary Mullis for pointing out that monthly reports can kill creativity and that innovation that breaks limits and expectations often requires creating one’s own smokescreen.
  • Spencer Tunick for helping us understand that a day in jail is a small price to pay for creative expression.

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