The daily discovery of pearls of wisdom that enrich each of our lives fascinate me. Sharing these often occurs over a cup of coffee, a brief interaction or sometimes in passing over a glass of wine (funny how beverages are often involved). Often all it takes is the simple initiation of a question by one party. Over the last few weeks, I have learned of new places, new tricks, new ideas, and even reminded of old ones that suite my needs and had been forgotten. New memories and faces have become part of my permanent record or wisdom and knowledge.

Each of these occurrences simply validates the need and desire for 2BalanceU and encourages me to continue our efforts in the direction that we head. Women wish to connect to share and learn from each other. They thrive on both the learning and the giving of these pearls. They are like old family jewels they are often hidden beneath the layers and appreciated so much more when discovered.

Our lives are enriched with the passing of the pearls. We admire for them for their timeless beauty and value.

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