Picnic while searching for mushrooms in Huså

The best bit of advice I ever received was from my father-in-law during our wedding over a decade ago. He said the best way to make relationships last is “patience, patience, patience.” This of course, was said with his delightful smirk, knowing full well what this would mean at times. So I beg your patience as I settle into my new role of researcher, teacher and student as I commence my doctoral studies.


Professional as well as personal paths are far from linear in todays world. Being a global nomad, these paths can be quite interesting and challenging at times. It is all part of the adventure of learning about people, life, culture and organizations. I mention this because you may notice a certain shift from Scandinavian interest to Asian given our impending move to Shanghai. I have always tried to provide a truly global perspective and will continue to aim for that balance. Hopefully this will only add to that aim rather than detract.


The “book” on “The Art of Social Strategy” is still in the work. Yes, “patience, patience, patience.” The content is being applied to different learning methodologies for a truly rich and applied experience. Interactive e-book might a better way to describe it. Have no fear, it will come soon.


Lastly once again, I am moving my blog to a new/old platform to improve its accessibility for the impending move (both from the updating and reading perspective). I will be bringing some old posts over, but will also be starting fresh with some new posts that have been in the pipelines.


All that said, I hope you will enjoy, share and comment on the new Art of Social Strategy blog. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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