Visiting in your hometown can often lead to reaction of wonder. Going through transitions we often have to kick into full gear to get from one state to the other. Our experiences are multiplied. Others are not left behind, but rather in the same place as before. This is comforting, knowing we can return finding everything the way we left it. But it is also disturbing as it emphasizes just how different we are.

The Pace may not need adjusting, but perception often does. Seek balance in the pace of adjustment (avoid the crash and burn) and maintain connections. Identify things you miss and appreciate them with a new perspective. Seek those with similar experiences to open up to new friends from old places. Accept that not everyone will understand, or appreciate, where we are now is simply reality. Share for the sake of learning and connecting.

True friends will be there regardless of pace. Interactions are timeless and fresh. Honor those whose friendship does not rely on comfort in sameness but rather in quality and depth of connection. I feel blessed to have friends who challenge me to seek my potential.

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