I have often found opportunity in miscommunication. Perhaps this comes from the simple fact of being in a bi-cultural bi-lingual marriage. When in a relationship, we often forget to confirm that what we interpret is what is meant. This is the ultimate practice of listening without judgment. Having the luxury to assume that all communications carry with them the possibility of misused language, I often take the time to try to understand what is really being said and why. This has been hugely helpful in both my relationship with my spouse and my interactions with professional and personal peers. It is easy to have an emotional reaction. I do believe that most people’s intentions are good, even if there communications skills may need some work. Sometimes we do need to remember to simply breath.

It is not to say that I never miscommunicate. Quite the contrary. But one of the most generous gifts that one can give is the chance to undo a miscommunication to understand the true intent. So I thank you who take the time to listen and let me know when I am not communicating well.

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