There is a sudden burst of interest in visual communication which has identified both a great opportunity and a challenge.  Where are you, how does one find you, and what else do you do.  I have several great things coming up that all could use more eyes, ears, pens and perspectives.  I see this is a wonderful chance to shout out and do my share as social strategist, a connector and an advocate for the doodle revolution.

The focus is twofold, building awareness of the value of visual communications (sketch notes, graphic recording, visual recording, facilitation, etc…), and coordinating visual assets from events. Understanding who is doing it, how they are doing it (what tools and training), can help grow the field and connect the talent (both established and up and coming) to the marketplace.  Not to mention help built the case for increased use of visual thinking in education and communications in general.  With 75% of the population processing information from visual and text, 30% of whom use only visual/spacial, we have  a lot of work to do to bring up things up to speed.

So first we need to find where you are?  Some officially gather at the online watering holes of the IVFP (International Forum for Visual Practitioners) others stick to LinkedIn groups on Graphic Facilitation, Visual Practice, VizThink.  VizThink  has a database for those offering visual practice as contractors.    Some even share on the Sketchnote Army.  Many do not use these tools at all and keep their visual practice on paper and to themselves.  So here is a chance to join forces, to learn and to share in the united effort to go visual globally.  The great thing about this project is that if you have access to an Internet connection you can participate.

As an avid event attendee/speaker, I notice that a lot of visual assets are being created and not shared, or they are not shared effectively. This is a lost opportunity for the creators and the attendees (as well as those who cannot attend physically). Not to mention there are a lot of great events that we would like to be present at to learn and grow professionally but cannot of afford the registration fees.  With a good social strategy behind the project, the visual assets linked  to these events provide great exposure for both creators and the practice in itself.

I am compiling a list to match visual thinkers interested in receiving scholarships to events that are of interest to them in exchange for sketch notes.  To be clear, this is not for the purpose of competing with any of the professional groups or organizations.  Quite the contrary in fact, I recommend that they all take part of the collaborative efforts of growing this field and putting it on the map, and I hope to encourage the participants to learn from those groups and organizations, their trainings and more. This list is includes a range from casual sketch noters to practicing consultants.  If you are or have students that take sketchnotes, or you just love to expand your own knowledge, get some practice and want to get your name out there globally, you should be listed.  The materials created will be distributed digitally, so remote work is possible.

If you are interested in either being added to the list or matching your event to these visual thinkers, please contact me for more details.


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