I made a promise to myself recently to be more true to that which I teach: the importance of learning, fun and visual communication. These are all elements of evolving as a social strategist. Searching for the best route to clarity: communicating complex concepts in easy to understand forms. Often when dealing with the global element of my work, verbal language and culture differences bring out the importance of seeking alternate approaches to achieving clarity. As a result I have plunged into learning as much as I can about new models for learning and teaching. Personally I am both a visual and a kinesthetic learner, so I am really enjoying this process.


Thankfully social tools provide us with many opportunities to communicate reaching all learning styles, because essentially when we are communicating we are teaching. Whether as students, teachers, leaders, consumers, or business owners we need our messages to have clarity in order to achieve our goals and missions. There is a learning process in how to untangle our own thoughts into comprehensive messages with clarity. These help both define our (and our organizations) visions as well as support the process by understanding learning styles and tools we can use. Engagement and Relationships begin with a mutual connection and understanding. Getting the message right, communicating it with clarity and delivering it in a format that can be processed by the receiver all are part of mastering of social tools.


Here are some recent links that I have shared that I think you will enjoy. These have a bit of an “educational system” twist, but think about what they are saying in terms of learning styles. Sir Ken Robinson on Awaking Education & Creativity in Learning and Geoff Mulligan on New Learning Models using the Studio School . Test your learning style based on Dr. Howard Gardner, Harvard Professor in Cognition and Education, theory of Multiple Intelligences here. When we embrace different learning styles earlier in education, we are preparing leaders from the next generation for success. Applying these same concepts to leadership development and organizational change in the new social paradigm has exciting possibilities.


While I take this journey, I will try to share bits of what I learn as it applies to Social Strategy. Of course, I may come across some tidbits that are just interesting and worth sharing. I will be learning everything from Graphic Recording, Visual Facilitation and Strategic Visioning using these tools, as well as touching on some of the other styles in the Multiple Intelligences theory. Please feel free to share any ideas or resources that you think might add value to or even challenge the journey. Follow my twitter feed @ForbesOste if you want to catch the latest as I come across it. You may notice I blog less, as this is the learning process. I will share later when it is more “processed.”

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