If you have ever had the opportunity to share your work with children you will understand the challenge, joy and inspiration of it. I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak to my daughter’s class during their module on “How we Organize Ourselves.” I realized as my daughter introduced me as “this is my Mum, Heidi, she works with computers,” that I had some explaining to do.


Providing a clear message that explained what I do, how I do it, and why was a fun challenge. I began by explaining my most challenging job to organize; motherhood and “family management”. I think I caught them off guard on that one, but that was part of the fun.


I then proceeded to draw a picture on the board of my process for teaching social strategy. I covered topics on understanding our stories, our networks, stake-holders, knowledge keepers, sharing knowledge, networking, strategy, knowledge sharing tools and visual communication.


I was pretty pleased with their engagement, until we came around to the final round of questions. “I thought you work with computers?” They asked.


“Computers, devices and apps are all important tools in the workplace no matter what our jobs,” I tried to explain. “My main job is helping people communicate with other people using these tools so they can do their jobs better and be happier.”


“Yeah, I get it. Like when I talk with my cousin in America on Skype, while we build stuff on Minecraft. Cool.” He said.


If only my clients all could get it so quickly. Maybe it takes a fourth grader to learn the most basic thing of all, the benefit of communicating and maintaining relationships.

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