I am deep in the research of social media optimisation (SMO). By this, I mean that I read whatever I can get my hands on (or comes through my alerts and RSS feeds) and I participate actively to see how I can make my own usage more effective. Perhaps I am getting old, which I prefer to think is not entirely the case. But why is it that my hackles are raising when I read the blogs or informal entries from the new journalism? Is it really necessary to use slang, sms abbreviations and even swear words to express oneself about a strong opinion? They don’t necessarily even have to be strong words, but as soon as I run over one, it discredits the entire article for me.

Digging a little deeper, I look at the source of the last ten that caused this reaction for me. Each of them was written by a male in, I am assuming from their pictures, his mid 20-30s. So, I will say only one thing to these bright men with incredible potential (as otherwise the content on their postings was quite interesting and well thought through)…Grow up and clean up your language. You will make your mothers proud and you will have a far more engaged audience that admires you for your expertise rather than your being “cool”.

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