Empowering women in leadership is the first step to empowering the next generation. To pave the path for others we must provide good role models, respect and teach respect one another, be open to learning from and teaching others, and rising to the occasion when we are given the opportunity to lead. As multifaceted individuals, we are in a constant mode of transition from one aspect of our lives to others. Our priorities require adjusting, sometimes more drastically than others, and sometimes only momentarily.

As leaders, as women, as human beings rather than doings, empowering each other through mutual compassion and respect is critical for the long haul. Simply said, it is lonely at the top. It is important to remember that our leaders are as human and multifaceted as the rest of us. Their passions may lie in supporting their followers, but they cannot do that effectively without support maintaining the others facets of their lives.

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