Okay, so I will admit it. Sometimes I get to wishing that I was in Northern California enjoying being part of the Valley’s pace, the face to face gatherings of like minds, the buzz of Social. After all, I am not just a geek, but a people person at heart. I am looking forward to taking part in the Rise of Social Commerce event hosted by Altimeter Group in Palo Alto. I hope to get my social strategy community face to face and California fix there. That is not to say there is nothing happening here. The Öresund region is alive and buzzing as well. Especially with organizations enabling collaborations like Media Evolution.

Last night as I did a workshop on the Art of Social Strategy, I was reminded why I was here. When we spend all of our time preaching to the choir and talking to others in our field we get myopic. Teaching a mixed group of professionals with non-technical backgrounds the value and ROI of effective social strategy is very rewarding. Enabling them personally and professional to achieve social optimization through strategic planning and actions is inspiring. Learning from other cultures and professions provides a rich patchwork of stories and cases that validate the Art of Social Strategy principles. (Not the mention the quality of life in Southern Sweden is pretty darn great.)

So thanks to all of you that help remind me of my purpose, whether it be in Sweden, in China, in Ethiopia (even in American) by challenging me to provide clarity in the ROI of Social Strategy.

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