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Walk the Talk: Get Social

Social has to do with many elements of our lives.  What it really comes down to at the core are the people and relationships.  In the midst of technology and daily routines we sometimes forget to do the simply act of being social.  Sometimes I get asked about the strategic nature of social when it comes to friends, and does it belittle the friendship to call it strategic.  We all strive to achieve success and happiness.  In that happiness comes the quality relationships and friendships that we develop over time.  They are your family, colleagues, neighbors, peers and they are our support system that enable us to achieve our greatest potential.  …

Don't Waste your Time on Social Media

Don't waste your time of social media.  When used effectively with strategic forethought and preparation, you can improve your return on investment in social tools for you, your organization and your network.  Understanding how to harness the potential of social tools  is critical for success in the current and future marketplace.  

As individuals and organizations we must redefine clarity in our strategies and understand the implications of the new model for communications.  Social optimization is the developing and maintaining of mutually beneficial and effective relationships.  It is the key to knowledge sharing in organizations, the heart of social networking and the base from which we interact with people.  …

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