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Measure Relationships: Micro-Engagement with Macro-Impact

ROI of Engagement and the value of relationships is no new conversation.  What is new is how we develop and maintain the relationships, especially as leaders.  In developing leadership seminars for the new social paradigm, we came across the same challenge of measurement but looked at new solutions.  "Quick and dirty" ROI measured from campaigns and their impact is not relevant or feasible when talking about social leadership.  Unlike a short term campaign or solution it is a long term adjustment to culture and approach to communications.  

Finding the tools that can help us measure more effectively are a start.  …

Social Implications of Mobile Apps

massimoSometimes it is important to dig deeper into how things work.  As children we disassemble things or dissect them for better understanding of what we are really dealing with.  Last week I chose to immerse myself in such an experience provided by the Big Nerd Ranch's Europe campus at Kloster Eberbach.  Okay, so the name speaks for itself, and the class was iOS programming (iPhone/iPad Apps). Having become a true adopter of both devices, my curiosity got the best of me. I re-discovered my inner geek, and renewed my respect for programming, after 15 years of strategy.

You may wonder what this has to do with social strategy.  …

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