Today is a day of thanks. Of all the American traditions, this is the one that I feel I need to celebrate regardless of where in the world I am. As I hunt down (not literally) a turkey for 5 and the fixins to go with it, I contemplate the meaning of this day.

It is usually spent with the extended family and friends. We welcome a few misplaced friends with no local family to join, or visitors that have never experienced Thanksgiving before. We each bring our specialty dish, assigned by the host (or in some cases the bossiest in the family) from the traditional favourites. Don’t forget the turkey, bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts, creamed onions, and of course the pies. Far too much food every year. Although the intention is to have leftover for everyone to take home.

There is much catching up on the year’s adventures both in business and pleasure. The kids run around in their holiday finest building up a hunger. (Which look fine when they arrive anyway). When we finally sit to enjoy our meal, there is a moment of silence while we pass a squeeze from hand to hand around the table. Someone usually says a few words in thanks for the food, the presence of those who are there and the thoughts for those who cannot be there and are missed. We always have a moment to send warm thoughts to our angels both little and big. And then we feast.

At some point during the meal we go around the table to share what we are thankful for. It is a tradition in my family that I carry on in dinners with friends. It gives each person a chance to share, to be heard and to hear about what matters most. I do believe that it is traditions like these that have driven my passion for sharing wisdom. For it is at these family dinners that I have experienced many a pearl of wisdom “dropped into my lap”.

I will miss being there this year, as I head off to another conference and Sweden is just too far for a hop over between events dragging the family along. Instead, I will settle for turkey and the fixins in Sweden before I pack my bags. The tradition of sharing wisdom at the table will still be continued. With only one guest and the kids, we will more learn about Pokemon, passing exams, Big hugs, and not liking pie and whatnot. But at least we are together. And that I will be thankful for.

So my blessing and thanks this year goes to all the wonderful and inspiring people that I have met and worked with this year. I am extremely thankful for my husband, Björn and his support and patience as my life is consumed with building and growing 2BalanceU. I am also thankful for my children and their laughter and unconditional love. Of course, I am thankful for the rest of my extended family and friends. And a special thought to Charlotte, our little angel who reminds us that life is precious and never to take it for granted, and Grancy, who inspired me from a very early age to be a global citizen and to love the adventure and challenge of the unknown.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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