We connected the dots. Nancy Gomez, founder of Eve-olution, and I found ourselves nodding in agreement over a delightful hour of conversation. How can I help you to succeed? Connecting to the individual with purpose and the right attitude makes a great difference. There are the few gems, and she is one. I am glad she sought me out at the Global Summit for Women in Korea last Spring. I feel blessed to have connected to so many inspiring women who fuel passion for my work. We share a common view on the future and the importance of building bridges for mutual benefit and knowledge sharing.

Eve-olution, connects entrepreneurs in developing countries with coaches to take their businesses to the next level globally whereupon they reciprocate through coaching. Beautiful. Six years and they have done some amazing things. We share the passionate belief that THIS is the era of the entrepreneur and specifically the global woman entrepreneur. Having a positive outlook in this time of “crisis” is simple when you look at the impact these women have had through applying their passion for making change. Building awareness of these efforts is critical in this time as they will have the potential to create change. Keep up the great work.

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