With summer upon us, we are enticed by the warm weather and temptation to drop everything and head on vacation. Despite slowing and even closing in some places, the business world continues forward. In between the collecting of things shiny and beautiful washed upon the shore, the building and flying of kites the job still needs to get done.

Without having to live Blackberry-in-hand, establishing clear boundaries is essential. Live in the moment in order to enjoy both the satisfaction of deal closings and the joy of children’s laughter. Organization is critical. Close the door to avoid distraction both during work-time and play-time. Allow yourself the time to recharge and live your authentic self.

Sitting on the porch watching the sun rise over the trees, an inner smile warms my soul. The steaming mug heats the morning mist on my palms and fingertips, as I drink in the aroma of fresh coffee. This is vacation to me. I will be back in the office later (or at least the room I have designated as one for our time away). Pushing that to the back of my mind, I let the noises of the house waking and the morning bustle begin. I’m recharged and ready to share again.

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