BPW Malmö Inauguration

BPW Malmö Board, Eva Carlsvi, Sara Bergman, Anna Arwidson, Heidi Forbes Öste, Tuulikki Juusela (BPWI Past President), Solveig Staffas (BPW Sweden President), Hanne BirkBPW Malmö is finally inaugurated and we can get to work preparing our open house kick off on 3 March in Malmö. The newly elected board is as follows: Heidi Forbes Öste (President), Eva Carlsvi, Sara Bergman, Anna Arwidsom, Hanne Birk. Thanks so much to Tuulikki Juusela (BPW International Past President) and Solveig Staffas (BPW Sweden President) for providing a foundation of knowledge and providing words of wisdom for us to carry forward. And special thanks to Örlings PricewaterhouseCoopers for hosting the meeting in their new offices. Congratulations were sent from BPW International headquarters from the Liz Benham (President) and Gabriella Canonica (1st VP) as well as Irene Natividad President of Global Summit for Women.

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Congratulations Christina Domecq!

Congratulation Christina Domecq, CEO of SpinVox for recognition of your work to make voice to text technology by the World Economic Forum, Wall Street Journal’s `10 Women to Watch` in EMEA and the ‘Top 35 Business Women under 35’ by Management Today. Nice going. And thank you for working on yet another wonderful and much needed technology to simplify our busy lives. Thank you Christina for your integrity and passion to continue to make authentic communication a global priority. Kudos!

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The New Inner Circle

Encouraging to see the rise in the new woman executive. Fortune magazine recently profiled a group of women in Silicon Valley. This region has a reputation for being cut-throat, where women who must behave like men survive. It is encouraging to see women like Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, and her A-list women only parties that encourage women to share their bits of wisdom and provide a sounding board for each other. It shouldn’t have to be lonely at the top.

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy of Google stated the balance beautifully. ” We are hitting our stride in our careers just when we are having children. We are not willing to give up the joys in either.” As well, you shouldn’t.

It is a wonderful thing to hear the success stories. In my travels to global professional women’s conferences, I meet many of the women who paved the path for us but whose mates could not handle the challenge. A strong woman needs a strong man. Power couples, or whatever you wish to call them, are on the rise. Dual entrepreneur couples are no longer a rarity. Being part of one myself, I am inspired to continue building a similar support network for my peers in Sweden. There are still lessons to be learned from the Valley.

Thanks ladies for the inspiration. You look great!

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Thank you Madeleine

I love this intro by Madeleine Albright as I feel that she is a beautiful representation of what we all should and could aspire to be. Thank you Madeleine for your dedication and passion. It is empowering for all of us to see your authenticity shine through in your work and you.

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Thank you ladies at ICRC International Women’s Day workshop

Thank you, ladies, for joining us for a wonderful workshop at the International Committee for the Red Cross on International Women’s Day. I appreciate your patience for the computer glitches and getting things rolling. Sometimes it is good to be reminded how to avoid reliance on technology to allow us to share and learn. It was a pleasure meeting you all. I look forward to hearing from you as we near the launch of 2BalanceU throughout this year.

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Where are the Women at Davos?!

I am disappointed to see such a poor showing of women at Davos, yet again. Yes, all good things come in time. I do know that because of my work, I am aware of far more women doing amazing things in their communities, companies and countries than the average person. But, my goodness, can’t they be a little more creative. I am not saying they should invite women that are not of interest or qualified. What I am saying is that they should look around. If the old boy’s network at the World Economic Forum wants to stay ahead, they need to let women have a greater voice and participation. They would have benefited by participation of Riane Einsler, Amany Asfour, Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Hon. Sarmite D. Bulte, to name a few who work with passion to advocate the economic empowerment of women and reverse the human brain drain. Let us be sure that in the future, the voices are heard, not only at women’s conferences, but at all. As we are in this together.

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Women on Boards? A way to go…

Loosely translated, with Folksam, your pension money will provide more opportunities for women in business.

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Gertrude Bell, Leader Before Her Time

I have just completed reading the biography of Gertrude Bell, Queen of the Desert, and was so inspired that I felt I must write about her in my blog. This Englishwoman lived in the turn of the 20th century through her intellect, tenacity, compassion and vision, she was instrumental in the architecture of countries and treaties in the Arabian desert. I am humbled by reading such a recounting of history. I can honestly say it was one of the best reads I have had in quite a long time.

I can only hope that given the opportunities we have today to participate actively in politics, in business in our communities that women can continue what she began by leading with compassion, humility and strength to that which we believe in. It is not about the recognition or being a “Person” of significance. It is about leaving a legacy of a world that is more peaceful and respectful of differences while recognizing how much we have in common to bind us together.

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Presentation to OECD and FCEM in Cairo

Who am I? Like you, I am a dreamer
Believing the world is my oyster
In that oyster is a pearl
A pearl of wisdom
Left by someone who cherished it
Who then passed it on so that it could be cherished by another

Women Sharing Wisdom is nothing new
In fact it is as old as time
But what once was shared with few in a closed tent
During women’s monthly blessing
Now can be shared across cultures, across boundaries, across cultures
The Internet has made this possible

Who are we, we are dreamers
Believing technology will make anything possible, someday
Energized by the tools that enable us
To interact with information and individuals
Excited by the possibility of the most obscure of solutions can reach
One seeking the answer from a far corner of the globe

Who are we, we are women
We are global citizens, builder of communities, mentors,
We are mothers, entrepreneurs, wives,
We are Friends, Sisters, Daughters, Lovers of life,
We are hostesses, visitors and travelers
We long to create a better place than the one that we came into
Trying to balance the ever changing needs of our multidimensional lives
and those around us

Imagine reaching an audience engaged
Imagine connecting before a transition knocks you down
Imagine not feeling alone
Imagine leading and supporting other women who lead.
Imagine balance

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