Sketchnotes/Reflections Day One at WebSummit 2014

Link to flickr album for Sketchnotes from Web Summit 2014 in Dublin

More to come, as this is just Day One. I was particularly impressed and excited by Sara Robb O’Hagan’s call for turning insights into action and understanding behavioral change. Lo and behold, she even put in a push for mindfulness. Great stuff from the Equinox. Met some great characters today in the startup booths with passion and innovation burning strong. I just wish they would take Sonny Vu’s advice and design for more the market beyond men in tech. There is some pretty ugly gear out there. Ah, well, there is room for improvement, innovation and creativity. So that is exciting.

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Sketchnotes from WearableWorld GlazedCon 2014

Link to flickr album for Sketchnotes from GlazedCon

The conference is over, great conversations with exciting players in the wearable tech space. They covered development, design, business, communication, engagement, research, the future and more. I loved scribing this event, as the content feeds my current passion for wearables and their potential. My PhD dissertation study seems to be falling perfectly in terms of timing and need for answer seem burning questions in this community. I will be looking at the relationship between wearables and presence of mind; (both mindfulness and presence with others) for my dissertation study. But the interest is so high for data on the effectiveness and impact of these devices, that there is room for many more studies with a wider scope when I finish.

If I missed you there and you are interested in the study, please do not hesitate to reach out either here or directly at heidi (at)  I am still accepting other monitor/alert category devices to be part of the initial study.

With Apple announcing the Health Book at WWDC (the Apple developers conference) this week, perhaps there is finally a space for us to collect all this data in one place.

Thanks to Wearable World for hosting such a great event, Redg Snodgrass you are a dear and I loved your team! Can’t wait to test out my gifts from the generous Sonny Vu of Misfits and Brian Dunham of OhMiBod.  You guys are the best!  I am so glad you are enjoying the sketchnotes. The Glazed2014 Album on Flickr is for sharing, so please feel free to embed and use the images to spread the word on the great work you all are doing (Just don’t forget attribution, please).

The Flickr Album includes sketchnotes from the following sessions:

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Creativity and Aging

Finishing up a great read, The Mature Mind, The Positive Power of the Aging Brain by Gene D Cohen. Cohen expanded on Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages that looked at human development up to around age 40. Cohen’s work looks at Midlife Re-evaluation => Liberation => Summing Up => Encore stages from 40 beyond. Integrating this type of thought and understanding of this kind of brain power and creative thinking shows the importance of leaders and team members in this age group. We cannot afford to lose their insight, wisdom and perspective when trying to innovate. I will no longer associate the senior moment with things forgotten. Let us look to them as moments of wisdom derived from experience and perspective.

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Sketchnotes: Hardwiring the Brain: Batter, Faster, Stronger #SXMindtech

Great session with Ariel Garten, Andrew Smith Lewis and Jan Platt at SxSW Interactive 2014. Exciting to think about how this can be used for future development of user interfaces and optimizing our amazing brains by understanding them better and how they interest with input.

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Looking Good Apple

Angela Ahrendts

With recent news of Angela Ahrendts move to Apple, finally we are seeing shift in senior leadership to social.  Along with it is the long overdue arrival of a woman in visible senior role.  Today’s launch of new and updated products at Apple bringing more visual and social capability into the hands of a wider consumer base is thrilling.

Apple iPad Air Launch 10-13

I only hope that we get the long wished for drawing capability in Keynote to allow for more freehand visual thinking and collaboration.  I am excited again for their future and how it will impact ours.  Kudos Apple, for shining on!

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Measuring the Value of the Visual Practice, beyond Anecdotal Data

Thanks to the International Forum for Visual Practitioners for another inspiring event. We had a dynamic and exciting dialog about data and the importance of validating the field through a combination of quantitative and qualitative data on results. I must admit, I never thought I would be promoting number crunching, but it was highly satisfying to see the positive numbers to confirm what we believe to be true. As many found the lexicon from my report to be a helpful guide, I am placing it here for quick reference. Listening to the conversation and buzz of a field in fast growth, is exciting. I appreciate all of your support for the research and I hope you will continue to use the results and build on them. Enjoy!!
Lexicon of Visual Practice

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Sketchnotes: Nordic Game 2013

It was a great Day One at Nordic Game. Louise Wester and I had the pleasure of digital sketchnoting the keynotes. We managed to sneak in a few extras and enjoyed the day. Please feel free to share and let us know what you think. Several people asked us about using visualisation for ideation and storyboarding for games. The answer is YES! It works well, we can help and let us know if you need it. Thanks for a great event and congratulations to the winners of the Nordic Game Awards. Cheers!

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Interview on Research on Value of Visual Practice


130418 Rock the Monkey with Heidi Forbes Oste from Alphachimp Studio Inc. on Vimeo.

Thanks to Peter Durand at AlphaChimp Studios for a great opportunity to share my research with the visual practice community. The  video (click on image to right) shows the visual recording he did while we spoke as well as being able to hear the interview. He breaks it down into sections in his blogpost, if you only want to hear specific parts.:

I am glad to know that the research has been helpful so far to the community of practitioners. I hope it will help grow the field and the adoption of these practices in formal meetings and events. I am happy to share my research and further thoughts on the practice at events and meetings. If you have any research or materials that provide evidence, please share them.  Together, we can strengthen the argument. Education will lead the visual practice from a “nice to have” to “must have” in the first stage of planning.

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Research on the Value of Visual Practice


Click on the image to open the report on the research on the value of visual practice.

In the midst of my state of buried in books, research, work and (well) life, I was asked by a colleague where the link to my research on the value of visual practice could be accessed.  The data was posted, but my process and finding were written up and I have posted the pdf here to share.  It is a bit narrative on my process as that was the purpose of the submission, but there are some interesting resources and data.

In the 6 months between when this was submitted and now, there have been several great books and articles that further strengthen the argument for the visual practice. Additional research, mentioned in this paper, but submitted to a conference awaiting publishing mentions other forms, software-based in particular, as a complementary method.

My research with the visual practice, focusing on how it supports leadership and global teams using social technologies, continues as piece of my dissertation. Stay tuned for more in this space for that. I will post bits and pieces that seem worth sharing during the journey.

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