10 Great Gifts for Geek Girls 2016

Still looking for the perfect gift for your geek girl?  Well I have rounded up a 10 of my favorites, including links so you can order online in time for the holidays.  Enjoy!

1. LifePrint 

Okay so it may not be a wellbeing device, other than it will certainly give you a good serotonin kick from the feel good factor of watching pictures of friends and family come to life and sharing them too.  This cool little device is only available at Apple Stores (LifePrint website is sold out).  At a pretty decent price point ($129.95), don’t forget extra stickyback paper ($49.95 for 110 pack).

2. Docking/Charging Station


Devices and their chargers can be both hard to keep track of and batteries loaded.  I love having a docking/charging station for them when I get home. (If you have kids, you might want two.) This keeps all devices at the ready for my next adventure, but more importantly keeps me present for my family.  There are many different styles, so rather than take my recommendation, look for one that matches.  I like this combo dock and charger to minimize cables.  Wearable tech is great, but most of them still need to be charged fairly regularly.  Until the battery life issue is fixed, at least you know will know where the chargers and devices are in the house. I recommend picking up a pack of short cables so that you can leave them connected at the ready (Lightning for Apple devices and MicroUSB for back up batteries, wearables and other non-Apple devices)

2. Ring.ly


A favorite from last year’s list as a newly launched product.  To Ring.ly, I say, “You’ve come a long way baby.”  They began with a beautiful smart ring and now have a smart bracelet.  More importantly, their notifications are now connected to many more apps, to fit a wide range of needs from rideshare, fitness, dating and more.  Keep that phone in your purse and the ugly black rubber fitness tracker at home.  Control your compulsive phone checking, so you don’t miss the here and now.

4. Cord Keeper


Innovation can be simple to solve the problem of cable tangle.  If you have ever struggled with the tangled cables of your headphones you will love this beautiful leather solution.  Not to mention if you have any challenges with arthritis or poor circulation, they will simplify access to your cords and cables.  You can get them in time to stuff stockings in a five pack for $22.99

5. Stashbandz

stashbandzLast years bomb was the Purse-in-Boots that didn’t deliver (sorry I ever recommended them).  But this year I found a more universal solution.  To keep your smartphones at the ready, how about a garter or boot liner with a pocket instead.  Stashbandz Boot Cuff let’s you have a pocket in any boot. And for those times when you aren’t wearing boots, but rather a dress with no pockets, try the  Stashbandz Garter Purse.  I have been eyeing both for a while, and think it is time to go for both.  With the phone size increasing, most pockets don’t accommodate it anymore, even some purses don’t. Their unisex waist bands can be a great way to discretely carry phones for men, or even a medical device that needs to be worn.

6. Bellabeats Leaf

It is not so glamorous, but the reality is as women our reproductive health has a huge impact on our wellbeing. It should therefore be part of what we can track and understand.  Bellabeats has not only created a great wearable for women from puberty to menopause, but it is beautiful and something you would enjoy wearing even if it weren’t tracking.

7. Quell Wearable Pain Relief

Chronic pain a problem?  I saw this product before they launched and were still testing.  I have been waiting for it to finally come out, and here it is.  If you have chronic pain, this is an exciting innovative non-invasive approach to pain relief without drugs.

8. Muse: Brain sensing headband

I used these devices in my dissertation study on wearables and presence of mind.  People really loved the experience of learning to meditate in a simple way.  My kids even tried them before I distributed them. I noticed a marked change in their ability to focus and filter out distraction.  Perhaps it was a little competitive mindfulness in who get calm their brain and get more birds in the game.  Nevertheless, an interesting tool for those of us with busy brains.

9. Pwr+ Portable Laptop desk stand

portablelaptopdeskWhether moving ourselves from our seats to fight sitting disease or simply relieving tech-neck, changing the angle at which you work and look at your screen is important.  Many chronic pain issues are either caused by or exacerbated by looking at laptops at the wrong angle.  This one even works in bed if you are having a flair up and need to work from there (or want to watch a movie).

10. Gratitude Journal ~ the original! App


I looked at paper journals, and there are several really nice ones.  You can choose those with prompts, inspiring quotes or blank.  Reality struck me that if I was to accomplish a practice of journaling my gratitude it had to be through an app.  If I have learned anything in this last year it is to find my happiness and health in gratitude.  So whatever medium works for you, use it.

Note: If your Geek Girl can wait, my personal favorite is the AppleWatch 2.  Unfortunately, they seem to be hard to come by in time for the holidays.

Have a wonderful holiday season. I hope you find many moments to be present with your loved ones and yourself.  Be kind and practice gratitude and giving, even if all you have to share a smile and laughter.   Enjoy!

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Thank you Madeleine

I love this intro by Madeleine Albright as I feel that she is a beautiful representation of what we all should and could aspire to be. Thank you Madeleine for your dedication and passion. It is empowering for all of us to see your authenticity shine through in your work and you.

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Alpha Feedback

Thank you to all the wonderful women who took time from their busy schedules to provide us with such great feedback on our new alpha. Your opinions and reactions are so important to us, as the site is for and about all of you. We are looking forward to fixing the bugs, ironing out the kinks and incorporating your suggestions and wow-ing you with the public user-based beta release in June. The redevelopment has been exciting and challenging. It is a pleasure to see that the work is paying off.

Thank you team for getting us so far in such a short time, Cassandra (the best assistant in the world, otherwise known as my “back-up brain”), Alex and the Solution Grove team. Keep up the great work team!

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Ariadne Capital’s Investors Forum

It is an exciting time to be involved in the development of social media. I have just returned from Ariadne Capital’s Investor Forum in London. The presentations were very thought provoking and well presented. It was encouraging to see an organization like Ariadne and Julie Meyer pulling together the strengths of such an interesting mix of entrepreneurs, investors, and service providers. After working in the solitary isolation of start up phase living in a culture that loves the idea of entrepreneurial success and ingenuity but frowns deeply on failure (even if it is learned from). I found the forum refreshing in content and atmosphere. So, thank you Julie for pulling that together and inviting me to take part.

As social entrepreneur in “isolation” I found it refreshing to get feedback on the financial side and monitising of the business from straight talk. I realised from the feedback that I had steered away from our original model for 2BalanceU in order to appease our network members. But in the process we had given away some of our most critical features that support the members, who essentially the site is for and remove our critical revenue streams. Frustrated at first, I am delighted to see that the insight has brought us back to the core of what we started out to do and believe in. So thank you, Dr.-Ing. Jörg Sievert (SAP Ventures), Thomas Schulz (Ariadne Capital), and Candace Johnson (Johnson Paradigm Ventures) for your straight talk and insight. Thank you also to Arjo Ghosh (SpannerWorks) and Carl Uminski (trutap) for your inspiring entrepreneurial spirit and great ideas.

The past month has been a true test of my own entrepreneurial spirit and willpower (yes, stubbornness, diplomatically put). We closed down our US operations and moved everything to Sweden. We are reviewing the next steps to get us back on track. Thanks to the forum, I am renewed with new ideas to get back to the old. Always good to go back to the original model for vision and what it will take to get there. There has been a lot of learning along the way, and I am sure there will be more. But each in turn makes us stronger. Out of the ashes rises a phoenix. So that is how we shall commence 2008, rising to flight when we can expand our full wing span and follow where the wind currents take us.

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Giving Thanks

Today is a day of thanks. Of all the American traditions, this is the one that I feel I need to celebrate regardless of where in the world I am. As I hunt down (not literally) a turkey for 5 and the fixins to go with it, I contemplate the meaning of this day.

It is usually spent with the extended family and friends. We welcome a few misplaced friends with no local family to join, or visitors that have never experienced Thanksgiving before. We each bring our specialty dish, assigned by the host (or in some cases the bossiest in the family) from the traditional favourites. Don’t forget the turkey, bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts, creamed onions, and of course the pies. Far too much food every year. Although the intention is to have leftover for everyone to take home.

There is much catching up on the year’s adventures both in business and pleasure. The kids run around in their holiday finest building up a hunger. (Which look fine when they arrive anyway). When we finally sit to enjoy our meal, there is a moment of silence while we pass a squeeze from hand to hand around the table. Someone usually says a few words in thanks for the food, the presence of those who are there and the thoughts for those who cannot be there and are missed. We always have a moment to send warm thoughts to our angels both little and big. And then we feast.

At some point during the meal we go around the table to share what we are thankful for. It is a tradition in my family that I carry on in dinners with friends. It gives each person a chance to share, to be heard and to hear about what matters most. I do believe that it is traditions like these that have driven my passion for sharing wisdom. For it is at these family dinners that I have experienced many a pearl of wisdom “dropped into my lap”.

I will miss being there this year, as I head off to another conference and Sweden is just too far for a hop over between events dragging the family along. Instead, I will settle for turkey and the fixins in Sweden before I pack my bags. The tradition of sharing wisdom at the table will still be continued. With only one guest and the kids, we will more learn about Pokemon, passing exams, Big hugs, and not liking pie and whatnot. But at least we are together. And that I will be thankful for.

So my blessing and thanks this year goes to all the wonderful and inspiring people that I have met and worked with this year. I am extremely thankful for my husband, Björn and his support and patience as my life is consumed with building and growing 2BalanceU. I am also thankful for my children and their laughter and unconditional love. Of course, I am thankful for the rest of my extended family and friends. And a special thought to Charlotte, our little angel who reminds us that life is precious and never to take it for granted, and Grancy, who inspired me from a very early age to be a global citizen and to love the adventure and challenge of the unknown.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Sharing the Enthusiasm for Shared Wisdom

Thank you ladies for your participation and attention during the presentation on 2BalanceU and women sharing wisdom. It is always a pleasure to meet women from different backgrounds and different perspectives. I appreciate your insight and thoughtful inquiries. Building a company based on wisdom sharing is an exciting venture. Actually sharing wisdom with women and making the connections is my passion.

Thank you to Denise DuBarry Hay, president of Women in Film and Television, and Cathy O’Connell, president of Women Leaders Forum of the Coachella Valley, for your insightful questions and enthusiasm to advocate use of 2BalanceU by your extensive networks. I look forward to welcoming your networks and connecting them to the greater community of women. Good luck with your events this weekend in Palm Springs. I hope to catch some of each!

It was also a pleasure to meet Kay Pick, Katherine Okie, Sue Brodie and Joan Foster. Thank you to all of you ladies for taking time from your busy schedules to join us to hear about advocating tools for women sharing wisdom globally and locally. Special thanks to Mary Cossette, our inspiring angel, for hosting the luncheon and having the faith to support 2BalanceU from a very early stage. Thank you also to Joslin Ufland for providing such wonderful nourishment.

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