System down

Indeed, some days are more trying than others as a start-up Internet based site. After sending out invitations and reminders to over 1000 networks around the globe, our connection to our hosting site went down not once, but twice. The standard line, of course, always holds, “we apologise for any inconvenience this might have caused you.” We pick up the pieces. The is site not damaged, but feeling a bit bruised ourselves. The invites will go out again with a new letter of apology to ensure that everyone has ample opportunity to try again. Those of you who were unable to get on the site on Friday or Monday, please know that 2BalanceU is indeed live. We are doing what we can to provide a more stable environment for the future.

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If We Build it They Will Come

Yes, well, the saying does say something along the lines of “if we build it they will come.” Unfortunately things are never quite that easy. Fighting the urge to be a perfectionist and avoid launching to partners before every little tweak and twist is complete. There will always be more we can do and things that can be improved. Just as that first day you send our daughters off to school with their hair and clothes seemingly perfect and a large smiles on their faces. We know they will come home with skinned knees and stories of adventure, both in success and failure. So, off she goes.

Of course, it would help if the newsletter function worked. So, we fix and tweak some more while they repair that function. We just hope when our girl comes home from school, her teachers and peers can tell us what we can do to improve ours and their experience. So, please go, test, take her for a spin around the playground. We promise we will listen to suggestions if there are improvements to be made. In the interest of avoiding myopic vision, it is time to get out of the house.

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2BalanceU is Live!

The user site to 2BalanceU is finally live. Of course, we will continue to build and add in more features, but the base is there to commence sharing. Over the next few weeks we will be sending out the launch packages to our partners.

Thanks to Tim Driver, CEO of and a very wise man that I am honored to have as part of our Advisory Board, we had a major “A-Ha moment”. We recognised that 2BalanceU is a “social bookmarking” site more than a social search site. All these buzz words don’t amount to much other than trying to clarify what we do to those interested. The functionality remains the same. Although, realising this, we have moved up the scheduling for integrating our bookmark upload tool that should have gone out with the launch. We are still learning and I hope the learning will never end.

There is still work to be done, but it is a relief to finally have a user site to direct people to and to encourage people to share.

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Rebuilding to Launch

We are finally getting to the countdown steps of being able to launch the user site of 2BalanceU. It has been over two years since the idea of a better way for knowledge sharing struck me. The last two years have been devoted to building a global network of organisations and network leaders, designing and developing a user friendly tool, traveling far and wide speaking with and (more importantly) to listening to women. The journey has just begun in many ways, but we are getting closer to the major milestone of launching to the member level. It is time for me to sit down and write to all the wonderful people I have met in this journey to tell them the time has come to share with their communities. We shall reconnect over the conversations we held whether in living room, a conference hall or an airplane aisle.

We are sure there will be cause for celebration as well as more fires to put out. I, for one, am quite looking forward to using 2BalanceU for a way to get to the resources I sought when this all began. Of course, the resources I seek are slightly different now. I no longer am “in transition” in the sense of going from inactive in the workforce to active. I still have transitions of my own to seek guidance for. I have learned many lessons through building 2BalanceU, but finding competent people both willing and able to commit to the vision has been the greatest challenge.

Reconnecting with our advocates and building our organisation while we get through the final stages of development and launch is more than a full time endeavor. I do hope you will bear with us as we may not be as prolific on the blog. But we are far from quiet. We are just focusing our energy on developing the core one to one quality relationships that make a network work (both personally and professionally). You may hear the buzz as far apart as China or Chile. Feel free to pass it on. We are here, we look forward to launching full and strong with a site that will exceed your expectations and hopes.

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