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BE-ing in ThoughtI keep coming back to be-ing. Our upbringing was seeped in the value system of Self Reliance for many generations.   I was raised with the resonating lines penned by my ancestor, Emerson. “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” “Our chief want in life, is someone who shall make us do what we can. This is the service of a friend. With him we are easily great.”

With this foundation, there is little wonder what led me to this juncture. It is a point in which I seek to understand the ways in which I/we can best accomplish be-ing at work. To be our best selves while bringing out the best in others in whatever we do requires a deep understanding of self. Technological advances have changed the conditions and tools in which we engage with others and our work. In order to build and maintain mutually beneficial and effective relationships today, presence of be-ing must evolve in concert with the advances of technology.  The advances both augment and challenge our ability to be true to that self. Starting with presence, we have greater potential for the ability to thrive and succeed.

The last several years, I have engrossed myself in a doctoral journey in Human and Organizational Systems that has both provided answers and triggered many more questions. I emerge having explored wearable technologies as potential intervention for hindrances to presence, an element of the ability to BE one’s best. The journey is far from over, despite acceptance as a scholar. I return to practice with a renewed curiosity and desire to explore both the barriers to presence and actions/tools used to enhance presence.

The dissertation is done, soon to be shared after the proofreaders have at it.  Now, with room to breath and energy to exhale, I look to what’s next.  I am collecting more stories to make the book version of my dissertation more accessible to a wider audience.  If you have stories to share please contact me directly at heidi (at)  More specifically, I am looking at what people identify as challenges to BE-ing their best selves and bringing out the best in others and how the overcome those challenges through actions and tools.

bridge-buildingA brief note to people who have worked with me over the last ten plus years in various iterations of 2BalanceU.  From building the tools to share wisdom, to teaching and speaking about the application of social tools in organizations, to building bridges between tech and people, to researching the behavioral science of presence and technology it all remarkably returns to 2BalanceU and 2BU. The path through social strategy and connecting people and ideas for their greatest potential remains one that I shall travel, albeit creating my own route.  Expect no change in name, but rather the approach to achieving the path to BE-ing one’s best and bringing out the best in others.

More to come very soon.

Bridge image credit to Kevin Kenny

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More Visual Communicators Needed

There is a sudden burst of interest in visual communication which has identified both a great opportunity and a challenge.  Where are you, how does one find you, and what else do you do.  I have several great things coming up that all could use more eyes, ears, pens and perspectives.  I see this is a wonderful chance to shout out and do my share as social strategist, a connector and an advocate for the doodle revolution.

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Movement Initiatives

Ok, everybody get out and move. Yes, I mean it. The sun is out, or it may not be, but there is always somewhere to move your body. I am inspired by the initiatives by organisations, networks, couples and friends to challenge each other to move. Yes, as simple as that, move. Get a pedometer to measure your steps and get moving. We all could use more fresh air and movement. That doesn’t mean that this is license do the type-A’s to tap their feet under the conference room table racking up extra mileage. This is true movement. It feels good, it is good for you and you will be more effective in your work and your life. At least 20 minutes a day, walk the stairs, run the errand on foot, go for a walk to think a decision through with a clear head. Whatever it takes, just move.

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