Giving Circles

Giving at this time of year is all part of each day. We prepare for our holiday feasts to share the bounty with our community, colleagues and friends. We prepare gifts with a special thought to each recipients particular needs and wants. Searching our recent memories for that dropped hint, from shivering hands in need of gloves to that favourite chocolate that seems to indulgent to buy for oneself (but is a pleasure to consume and perhaps share when received as a gift).

I have been hearing a lot recently about Giving Circles, a new trend in the US, that I love the sounds of. Groups of women are gathering to pool their donations for greater impact. They create formalized charters and vote on the recipients. It is really a lovely idea, and one that should be encouraged. I hope we can connect some of these giving circles to information on potential recipients and perhaps can encourage 2BalanceU members to create new ones of their own. This is a trend that I hope never goes out of style.

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