Wisdom from Gaselleträff in Malmö

Dagens Industri (DI), Sweden’s version of the Financial Times, has a speaker series called Gaselleträff. The aim to is to encourage fast growing businesses to shine and share their experiences to ultimately stimulate the economy. They award prizes to a “gazelle” regionally each year. Moderator Lars Tulin, DI reporter for Malmö, spoke of the importance of opportunity and the increasing use of the word “mojligheter” as the key to growth. Here is a brief roundup of some of the words of wisdom from the event:

  • Rune Andersson, Mellyby Gård: PRICE; price elasticity and what customers are willing to pay more critical than cost. GROWTH; do not settle for being marginal. INVESTMENT STIMULUS; lower owner tax needed in Sweden to encourage angel and risk investment. STEP BY STEP, advised not to take the whole world in one go.
  • Jonas Hansson, Öresundsarvet; RELATIONSHIP BUILDING with clients critical.
  • Lars Ljungälv, Swedbank; VÅGA VARA STOR; Dare to be great.
  • Anna-Stina Nordmark Nilsson, Företagarna; 99.2% Swedish businesses have >50 employees, 12% Immigrants, 25% Women owned, Offensive actions to deal with current economy (note: I was a bit disappointed that the only woman speaking was coming from a lobbying perspective. Where are the women in business?)
  • Göran Lundwall, ALMI; INNOVATION critical for stimulation in economy and growth, INVESTORS seek solid business plan, profitability, bank interest and owners.
  • Carl Bennet, Getinge och Elanders; INVESTMENT STIMULUS recommended tax-free incentive for angels /risk investment until profitability.
  • Peter Bodin, Grant Thornton; CORE BUSINESS focus, BALANCE between vision for future and staying on top of current issues, PEOPLE surround yourself with intelligent people with varying expertise for board, communications and team members.
  • Lars Kry, Proffice; PEOPLE consider why your employees chose to work for you
  • Michael Corneliusson, Telia; WEF Denmark and Sweden will be first to recover crisis because of IT and COMMUNICATIONS competency and development.
  • Peter Nillson, Trelleborg; PEOPLE enjoy the people and team you work with
  • Frederik Lindén, Svenska Exportrådet, MARKET SIZE It isn’t Swedish business ideas that are too small, it is the Swedish market, EXPORT SUCCESS requires vision, focus, local presence and endurance
  • Andreas Qvarfort, APQ EI, Skåne’s Gaselle 2008; POSITIVE ATTITUDE

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