Reality Check

Thank you all for your support and kind notes. My daughter, HannaMaria, is doing fine after getting hit by a car last week. It was a quick reminder of priorities, value of life and love, the resilience of children and the value of friendship and family. She is off to ski school today with a smile on her face and a spring in her step. I appreciate your patience and your understanding as I disappeared in crisis mode for a moment there.

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Peace and Joy to all!

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season full of peace and joy.

I, myself, am attempting to practice what I preach over the holidays, BALANCE. I’m taking in as much family time as I possibly can, uninterrupted by PCs, Blackberries, mobile phones and the like. It is a far greater challenge than I ever could have imagined. I highly recommend it to each and every one of you. What began as a gift to my family has become a gift for me. My payment is laughter and smiles that warm my heart and recharge me for the year to come.
I wish you all much love and laughter through the holidays and into 2008!

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Sharing of Self

I am reminded today of the challenge of balance between those whom we love and that which we love to do. I am truly passionate about my work and that makes it a pleasure. So much so, that I often get deeply immersed and lose track of time. It is a luxury to be able to do so. I often get so absorbed that I miss the little moments that pass by me, both good and bad.

I find great satisfaction in the genuine smiles and laughter of my children, and myself. It is far too rare that we catch ourselves in that intense, unavoidable belly laugh that comes from the soul. It warms the heart and brings new life to everything around it. I was blessed with a moment such as this as a started my day bathing in the Öresund Straights with my six year old son. As I arose from the water with seaweed on my head, he reminded me to laugh at myself and enjoy the silliness of the moment. Continuing my day with a smile on my face and a lightness in my heart, I am refreshed. I can laugh at my silliness and enjoy my seriousness. I am inspired by the women I interact with, the winks, the struggles. Thank you all for being an inspiration.

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