Social in Kosovo

Listen to this delightful local Swing band, Zig Zag, that played at the closing gala for The 1st International Conference on Women’s Entrepreneurship in Kosovo as you read.  I had the great honor and pleasure to be invited to speak on Social Entrepreneurship last week in Pristine by the Mirlinda Kusari of the She-Era organization. This conference was ten years in the making, and much needed boost for the Balkans and Eastern Europe. I came away from the experience both inspired and reminded of perspective.  This is the gift I receive whenever I participate in any capacity building programs in developing markets, that returns my social investment tenfold. Read More

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GWIT BRIC Roundtable

Thank you to GWIT and IUG for hosting the fabulous panelists at last night’s BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) panel on the World’s Future Building Blocks. Jo Butler of UNCTAD provided insight and proficiency as the panels moderator. She reminded us of the challenges and opportunities transitions can bring as we strive to achieve the millennium goals. Mr. Li Enheng of the Permanent Mission of China to the WTO, painted a positive picture of China, balanced more in figures than social impact and consequences. Ms. Nivedita Krishnamurthy AVP-Enterprise Solutions at Infosys spoke of rise of the Indian dream, the importance of social consciousness in FDI and global companies, the problem of literacy rates (especially among women) and depletion of natural resources. Dr. Tania Ramalho, Professor of Education and Women Studies at SUNY-Oswego, presented on Brazil and the importance of improving education to increase access to non-service sector careers for women, and sustainable development. Ms. Nadia Sikorsky, editor in chief of, a Swiss publication in Russian language, presented a enlightened picture of the importance of journalism not simply for propaganda and PR but for community building and better understanding of home and expat cultures. Thank you for your insight and the opportunity to learn.

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