BPW International President’s Seminar

Congratulations Liz Benham on a successful first BPW International President’s Seminar. I went to learn and share and my expectations were exceeded. From presentations, best practice discussions, and region reports to connecting, sharing and laughing, it was well worth the journey to New York.

I was too wrapped up in listening to Dr. Antoinette Rüegg’s presentation on Emotional Intelligence to catch it on film. I will do my best to follow her sage words “not by teaching but by changing self” in order to create change. Lead by example and hope that we can encourage others to reverse the pattern of “women do not invest in women.”

Jean Murray’s presentation on Good Governance was quite poignant as we begin the early stages of BPW Malmö. I look forward to passing this wisdom on to my board and the members who will eventually take our place. These things are critical foundations that will help us build and grow as a sustainable organisation well into the future.

Understanding the significance of the relationship we at BPW have with international organisations, particularly the United Nations and the Commission on the Status of Women, was significant. Having a voice is empowering, using it is powerful. Thank you Freda Miriklis for providing further clarity.

Gabriella Canonica provided great information on the plans for membership and retention. We will do our best to bring in the quality membership in Öresund that inspires active participation. I agree we must engage our members to feel the desire to share at least 1+1. (Sorry I missed photo opp, I was busy listening again.)

The Young BPW Chair, Nadia Munawar, presented some current projects and goals for YBPW. The AEISEC project for cross-cultural training opportunities in Pakistan looked particularly promising. I am sure we will see great things happen during her term.

Thank you all for your wisdom and your passion. You continue to inspire me.

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BPW Malmö Inauguration

BPW Malmö Board, Eva Carlsvi, Sara Bergman, Anna Arwidson, Heidi Forbes Öste, Tuulikki Juusela (BPWI Past President), Solveig Staffas (BPW Sweden President), Hanne BirkBPW Malmö is finally inaugurated and we can get to work preparing our open house kick off on 3 March in Malmö. The newly elected board is as follows: Heidi Forbes Öste (President), Eva Carlsvi, Sara Bergman, Anna Arwidsom, Hanne Birk. Thanks so much to Tuulikki Juusela (BPW International Past President) and Solveig Staffas (BPW Sweden President) for providing a foundation of knowledge and providing words of wisdom for us to carry forward. And special thanks to Örlings PricewaterhouseCoopers for hosting the meeting in their new offices. Congratulations were sent from BPW International headquarters from the Liz Benham (President) and Gabriella Canonica (1st VP) as well as Irene Natividad President of Global Summit for Women.

View more presentations from Heidi Forbes Öste

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Hello Africa

Our partnerships with International women’s organisations and networks as well as NGOs make it clear that Africa is open for business. I have been speaking directly with women entrepreneurs and professionals that are doing amazing things and are looking for new markets both inside and outside of Africa. Their optimism and energy is astounding. Take a new perspective, look for new opportunities. 2BalanceU will provide them a platform with a level playing field for bringing their visions to fruition.

Africa is not alone. Women around the world are creating businesses and helping existing businesses flourish in a changing global marketplace. Supplying the tools the need without wasting their time and pulling them in yet another direction is a good start. Thanks to great organisations like BPW-International and FCEM and of course one cannot forget the phenomenal efforts by UNHCR and other NGOs change is happening. But there is more we can do and it begins with knowledge sharing and building a collective intelligence; a giant searchable library with a librarian that knows our needs. We can make this happen.

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Talent Development for Women Executives

Due to popular request from both attendees of this workshop and others who were unable to attend, I am posting the slides from the Talent Development for Women Executives Workshop held at the BPW International Congress in Mexico City last week. The video elements do not work with this slide share functionality, so I have removed some and replaced others with still images. I hope this will help make it more fluid. Feel free to contact me should you have any questions about it. Note that it is easier to read the text in full view version (click on easel next to the page numbers).

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BPW International Congress XXVI Inspires

Mexico City was alive and buzzing as the delegates of the XXVI Congress for Business and Professional Women International arrived. There was a great deal of business to be discussed in updating the constitution, reporting on taskforces and building new alliances. Attendance was strong from all corners of the globe.

I arrived with the Swedish delegation, for a new twist on things. It was nice to be part of a delegation for once. And yet, I was a bit torn by wearing both my 2BalanceU hat and my BPW Sweden delegate hat. Just a reminder of how important it is to reach outside of the natural group or comfort zone. Given that it was the first time I had met the Swedish delegates, I looked at it as an opportunity to understand both the local and global opportunities BPW provides.

I come home inspired and full of ideas for the future in launching the BPW Öresund group. The bridge is built, now we must cross it. Thank you ladies for your enthusiasm and energy for empowering professional women around the world.

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