Sketchnotes/Reflections Day One at WebSummit 2014

Link to flickr album for Sketchnotes from Web Summit 2014 in Dublin

More to come, as this is just Day One. I was particularly impressed and excited by Sara Robb O’Hagan’s call for turning insights into action and understanding behavioral change. Lo and behold, she even put in a push for mindfulness. Great stuff from the Equinox. Met some great characters today in the startup booths with passion and innovation burning strong. I just wish they would take Sonny Vu’s advice and design for more the market beyond men in tech. There is some pretty ugly gear out there. Ah, well, there is room for improvement, innovation and creativity. So that is exciting.

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Aggregating and Filtering

We are currently working with some new developers and I am excited to see the application of new tools that enable us to aggregate the information that we need without having to go to so many sources. We are applying the K.I.S.S. theory to everything we do. Most of all we are finding ways to deliver what people need and are actively looking for based on behavioral tracking rather than requiring the filling in of yet again more forms and registrations. It is delight to work with such talented and engaged developers.

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