Leadership and Self Deception

The Arbinger Institute has been a favourite of mine for years in terms of approach to leadership and simply human relations. Glad to see they finally not only have a presence in Denmark, but an enthusiastic one. I met with Mette Ponty this morning to discuss her workshop at the end of the Summer. Perfect timing I must say. Taking ourselves “out of boxes” and walking in others shoes is difficult, but perhaps we are more receptive to it when the weather is good.

Now of course, applying it to current leadership challenges. I find myself busy building executive boards for new organisations both corporate and non-profit, getting consensus and enthusiasm as well as realistic commitment. Being a dreamer or visionary (depending on how which angle you look at it from) can be an asset but also a challenge (depending on how it is applied). So I dig deep in my network to divine the wisdom from those who have walked this path many times before (mentors are a beautiful thing) and chant the wise survival mantra of my father-in-law “patience, patience, patience.”

At the end of the day, the job simply needs to get done. I choose do-ers with passion and dreamers with insight to combine for the ultimate team. Maybe not the easiest to find consensus, but when we do, it’s really good. I look forward to the workshop to share with them the clarity that coming out of the box with the Arbinger methodology can provide.

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