Having just returned from presenting a workshop at the ORIGIN (Organisational and Institutional Gender Information Network)annual meeting in Edinburgh, I am brought back to the core of our work, knowledge sharing. I highly recommend any of our partners to take part in such valuable discussions on best practice. The focus was on emphasizing the benefits of diversity and building the business case in the private sector and the social case in the public sector. Participants are diversity and HR representatives from Asean Development Bank, Council of Europe, European Commission, European Investment Bank, International Monetary Fund, European Space Agency, Organisation for Economic Cooperations and Development, World Bank, UNICEF, United Nations, Scottish Enterprise, ICRC, Sodexho, and the list goes on. It is groups like this, whose work often goes un-noticed but has a tremendous impact on how organisations are build into sustainable institutions with a quality blend of participants.

I will do my best provide a tool that enables you to continue the knowledge sharing and expands your ability to share to a larger audience of both people in the field and those impacted by your work. I commend each of you for your passion for the issues at hand and the work that you do. Keep it up! Thank you to Scott and Brian from Scottish Enterprise for hosting such a delightful event. Thank you Maie from UNICEF for recommending me as a presenter. It was a pleasure meeting you all.

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