BPW Malmö Board, Eva Carlsvi, Sara Bergman, Anna Arwidson, Heidi Forbes Öste, Tuulikki Juusela (BPWI Past President), Solveig Staffas (BPW Sweden President), Hanne BirkBPW Malmö is finally inaugurated and we can get to work preparing our open house kick off on 3 March in Malmö. The newly elected board is as follows: Heidi Forbes Öste (President), Eva Carlsvi, Sara Bergman, Anna Arwidsom, Hanne Birk. Thanks so much to Tuulikki Juusela (BPW International Past President) and Solveig Staffas (BPW Sweden President) for providing a foundation of knowledge and providing words of wisdom for us to carry forward. And special thanks to Örlings PricewaterhouseCoopers for hosting the meeting in their new offices. Congratulations were sent from BPW International headquarters from the Liz Benham (President) and Gabriella Canonica (1st VP) as well as Irene Natividad President of Global Summit for Women.

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  1. Congratulations to BPW Malmö from BPW Canada on your inauguration. We’re thrilled to have you among our BPW sisters worldwide. Please visit our website at http://www.bpwcanada.com and send us a message! Keep in touch!

    Sue Calhoun, President
    BPW Canada

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