Mexico City was alive and buzzing as the delegates of the XXVI Congress for Business and Professional Women International arrived. There was a great deal of business to be discussed in updating the constitution, reporting on taskforces and building new alliances. Attendance was strong from all corners of the globe.

I arrived with the Swedish delegation, for a new twist on things. It was nice to be part of a delegation for once. And yet, I was a bit torn by wearing both my 2BalanceU hat and my BPW Sweden delegate hat. Just a reminder of how important it is to reach outside of the natural group or comfort zone. Given that it was the first time I had met the Swedish delegates, I looked at it as an opportunity to understand both the local and global opportunities BPW provides.

I come home inspired and full of ideas for the future in launching the BPW Öresund group. The bridge is built, now we must cross it. Thank you ladies for your enthusiasm and energy for empowering professional women around the world.

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