I stumbled across this video as I was doing some research for our upcoming BOOST (Bolder Organizations Optimize Social Tools) program. BOOST is developed to train leaders in authentic leadership for the new social paradigm. Buzz words aside, we are talking about awareness, acceptance, passion, translated with clarity in a communicable format that works within the confines of social tools and is presented by the leader themselves. This short piece produced by Harvard in August is a beautiful validation of the efforts we are making. Listening to Charlene Li talk of Open Leadership again provided further affirmation of the need.

It is exciting to see the growing awareness for whatever we want to call it. The Social CEO, Open Leadership, Authentic leadership all lead to a similar conclusion. Leadership is built on trust, vision and authenticity. Recognizing the value added in making this commitment is the first step. The social tools that we have access today provide us the opportunity for leaders’ and organizations’ messages to resonate. Social Leaders and Organizations stand out and are the leaders of the future.

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