Strategic Visualisation in Action Combining strategic thinking, attentive listening and observation, strategic visualization not only captures what is being said, but also brings clarity to complex concepts and thought.

Forbes Oste combines these skills to create powerful and meaningful visualizations with clients.  These are used to further develop ideas and enable them to share more effectively with stake holders and teams.  Whether as individuals, leadership teams or organizations rolling out change, this method has proven to be an effective tool for making things happen with positive results.


Visual Harvests document a group’s conversation or presentation and key ideas in real time on flip charts, large poster paper, graphic templates, murals, tablet PCs, and other visual media. Also known as “scribing.” I specialize in the digital format for direct sharing and review on-site and through social media post-event/meeting.  This is also available as a remote service through video conferencing  tools.

Contact me for more info on how to document and capture content of visually. heidi (at)


Visual Harvest Team IIM2012

Our Visual Harvest Team for Events is a specialized team that integrates multiple visual harvests of parallel strings at events to compile complete visual documentation and summaries at events. These are presented digitally onsite to encourage further discussion and sharing for those unable to attend all sessions. Integration with social media is used for larger scale distribution for remote event participants and the extended community. Our teams are matched to their harvesting subjects based on interest and expertise to ensure greater understanding and richer harvests. Forbes Öste provides strategic advisory on event planning and using visual practitioners in events, as well as keynotes on the value of visual practice and workshops to kick off visual thinking. Make your next event a memorable one.

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