Using Social tools effectively requires understanding that “Social” means people, all stakeholders. Social optimization is the developing and maintaining of mutually beneficial and effective relationships. Engagement begins with Social Optimization



Effective use of social media tools for engagement inside and outside your organization requires policy, training, and recognizing/utilizing your human capital. Clarity and relevance are critical elements for success.



Social Business Strategy is the strategic use of social tools and technologies to add value to business. In the social economy, communications is done in dynamic dialog. Integrating social into your strategy requires cultivating an environment that encourages the participation in and benefits from the dialog in all business areas.


Social Strategy Consulting and Training

Incorporating Social into your business strategy is critical for success in todays marketplace. Define a social strategy that will help you achieve your objectives.

[col3 formatter=’1′]SOCIAL BUSINESS STRATEGY»

Match a social strategy to your vision» Evaluate conditions for social strategy success and recommend improvements» Create a plan for implementation that fits needs and resources» Define policy/guidelines for social media» Training and workshops for implementation» Increase effectiveness of your communication» Build ENGAGEMENT


[col3 formatter=’1′]For BUSINESS and ORGANIZATIONSWe will optimize your social media strategy combined with social network effectiveness to engage your stakeholders for greater impact. You will decrease recruiting and turnover costs, shorten research and development cycles, improve customer service, decrease waste and build brand awareness and launch marketing campaigns, increase ROI on remote teams, increase collaboration, and stay ahead of the competition and avoid making social media mistakes. We can build a training program to roll out your strategy within your organization to ensure its success. We invite you to become part of the conversation to succeed with measurable return on investment.[/col3]

[col3_last formatter=’1′]For INDIVIDUALS and EXECUTIVESLearn how to use the tools that enable you to maximise your effectiveness whether using the Internet for knowledge sharing, information retrieval or interacting with colleagues and friends so that you can have more time offline to enjoy your life and success. We will define your strategy based on your needs. Let social tools enhance, not hinder, your life.[/col3_last]

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