Sharing BE-ing @Work

Echoes -Winter2016Thank you to the White Mountain School for inviting me to share my work as part of their Winter Echoes Issue.  As an alumna, I can certainly say my time at WMS contributed to development of my strong sense of self and BE-ing.   This seemed like a fitting launch to sharing my work in the world.

I will be presenting BE-ing @Work: Enhancing Capacity For Presence In The Workplace at Thrive Summit in Boston in May.  More to come as I wrap up the book and make room for sharing live.

Note: For you hearty academics, my dissertation, BE-ing @Work: Wearables and Presence of Mind in the Workplace, is now available on ProQuest.  Thirst for more?  The book, BE-ing @Work, which extends the scope beyond wearables and is more accessible to a wider audience (less academic), will be available this Summer, if all goes well.

Stay posted, the BE-ing @Work website is also in the making.

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Balance is Not a Four Letter Word

LinkedIn-OutsideWorkTo my surprise and delight it seems the world is awakening to the value of balance.  Today’s #OutsideWork posts on LinkedIn shared by influencers resonate with well-being and balance’s impact on success.  I have been busy interviewing leaders for my upcoming book, BE-ing @Work.  The emphasis on well-being and balance is increasingly apparent in the stories they shared.  Far beyond the implication of physical health and productivity, lies the connection with self as well as with others to BE one’s best and thrive in that.  Balance seems to have overcome its outdated reputation for meaning flexible hours for working mothers. This shift has left me with a strong sense of hope in the future.  Practice and implementation may be a way off, but the conversation has evolved.  Let’s keep it evolving from preaching to implementation and practice.

Note: Slots still available for interviews on BE-ing @Work throughout February.  If  interested in sharing your story about interventions or actions you use to bring your best self to work and bring out the best in others, please contact me.  Highly productive individuals who suffer from chronic syndromes or illness.  (i.e. Depression, Lyme, MS, …) are of particular interest, but not required.

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