Practicing Presence

SummerAtLastSummer is here, the annual dip in Klout as I immerse myself in practicing presence with family and friends both old and new. Face to face conversations that continue on shared giggles over Instagram and Facebook posts made over the year from far away. Hugs delivered to those who have had challenges this year and others who we just missed their closeness. Studies and work are set aside to very select hours for only the absolute essential bits and pieces. Devices are left behind as most of the day is spent on the water or at least without pockets. Reading is done in books and magazines that have the tactile turn of a page.  This is the essential re-alignment, the back to balance and be-ing that keeps me going.

Presence is a practice of re-centering that goes back to my Emersonian roots.  Here, in this place, I am reminded of this. It feeds my interests in all areas of my life: scholarly, practice and personal.

Life goes headlong. We chase some flying scheme, or we are hunted by some fear or command behind us. But if suddenly we encounter a friend, we pause; our heat and hurry look foolish enough; now pause, now possession, is required, and the power to swell the moment from the resources of the heart. The moment is all, in all noble relations. -R.W. Emerson

You may not hear from me as much this Summer, mostly sporadic.  The pilot for my dissertation study on the relationship between wearable technologies and presence of mind will be running this month.  I will take a week pause from my offshore – (mostly) offline space to go to Fielding’s Summer Session.  This provides me with the Face to Face with my committee and cohorts to make the last sprint to complete the full study and dissertation by January.  This is the home stretch and I look forward to sharing the result with everyone.

Perhaps the Fall will be sporadic posting too, as I dig even deeper into the aspects of this research, and how best to present it.  Nonetheless I will be back and I look forward to being more present more often as I emerge from this doctoral journey.  Until then, please take the time to be present, take a walk, breath the fresh air, share a smile, some tears and laughter.  Your life will be richer for it, and oh, will we have stories to share afterwards.

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