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This morning’s presentation was an interesting blend of transformational leadership, action versus reaction, connection and context. Maria Gustafsson of Actea Consulting spoke with passion from a perspective that I share on the application of leadership to all areas of our lives and organisations. I am looking forward to continuing our conversation on the applied use of social and transformational leadership theories into organisations. Theories are all fine and good, but without implimentation in practice they are just talk.

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Innovation Incubator Impact a la Ilspiration


Always inspiring work with Ilspiration on a Strategic Visualisation session. Put two redheads together and magic happens.t

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Behind the Scenes of a Digital Sketchnoter

Behind the scenes of digital sketchnoter @ForbesOste

Behind the scenes of digital sketchnoter @ForbesOste

I see you looking over my shoulder, as I capture the essence of the presenter’s point.  I may not respond. Please do not take this as my being rude.  I am listening with my eyes, my ears and my heart as I visualise the speaker’s intent.  A moment of pause may provide a chance to add a flourish of colour or detail.

True to my beliefs there is much to be done even when the speaker makes their final closing remarks.  Knowledge is power, sharing is powerful are the words I live by.  So share I must.  The job is not done until the capture is tagged for who, what, when and where.  I can then set it free in the cyber wilderness.  Hopefully if I have done my job well, it will find its way to those who are following these beautiful tagged beasts of knowledge.

You see me in the audience or your meeting, all hunched over and perhaps looking like I am taking a nap. Next time you will know that I am busy listening and creating another beautiful beast ready to be set free for all to share.

If you like what you see, please let me know how I can help you in your meeting or event.  One on one strategic visualisations are my speciality, but I love to do events to practice my craft and learn about new things.

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Are You Evolved?

Forbes Öste's Social Optimisation Stages

Stages of Social Optimisation as Relates to Erikson’s Psychosocial Stage Theory

At what stage have you evolved towards social optimisation? Where is your organisation? As with human development, we cannot run before we walk.  Adapting social strategies in organizational cultures or leadership that have not evolved past Stage 5 (Identity, brand and marketing focus) can lead to greater confusion and chaos.  Consider where you are, listen to where others are and where your teams are.  How can you help your organisation evolve?

The evolutionary process of Social Optimisation, building and maintaining mutually beneficial and effective relationships, as correlates to Erikson’s psychosocial development is as follows:

Erikson's Psychosocial Development Adapted for Social Optimisation

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